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Newsletter 04th December 2009


A big thankyou to the parent’s who came along to our first Parents’ Forum Meeting on Monday evening. Gill Dodd from County Caterers attended the meeting and provided information about Family Service for school meals, which could transform our lunchtimes. We are interested in exploring the idea further and a working party will be visiting a local school to see the system in action in the New Year. A consultation process will take place involving all pupils and staff, before any decisions are made. We look forward to gathering your views and reviewing the proposal in the first half of the spring term.

We are also really excited to announce the appointment of our new cook. The cook will be joining our staff team in the new year, once all of the pre-employment checks have been completed.

On another note concerning parent volunteers – the new guidelines for volunteers assisting in school has caused some confusion. Perhaps this is a good time to reassure you and provide you with the information that we have received from the Local Authority. A parent wishing to volunteer once or twice a year is required to be checked via a police check. This is a very simple check and all you need to do is provide the office with your full name, date of birth and any other surname used. The office will then email the details through to the Local Authority who run a List 99 check. However if you wish to become a regular volunteer within school, ie: volunteering at least three times a month, then a full Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check is required. A form is available from the school office. This check is more detailed, requiring an ID check. However full guidance is provided and Mrs McAteer is able to assist with these checks.

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Why we love Clapham Terrace

Play and Stays are a great insight into how our children are doing.  I really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you - Parent of child in EYFS

Fundraising at Clapham Terrace

We have a strong support network of staff and parents who are dedicated to raising extra funds to buy the things that school budgets can't stretch to.  From redesigning the school library to making over the playground the HSA (PTA) are always on the look out for new fundraising ideas.

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