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Newsletter 11th March 2011


 Volunteers – All Hands on Deck
The HSA are working to re-paint the seating and decking areas in the playground, they are looking for volunteers to assist them so if you have a spare morning or afternoon during the weekend of the 12th/13th or the 19th/20th March 2011 please can you let Claire Worster or Helena Paxton (Year 1 HSA reps) know. Any help very much appreciated.

Comic Relief
Next Friday, 18th March 2011 is Comic Relief Day. We would like our children to ‘Do something funny for money’ by dressing up in a uniform. Children are asked to make a donation of £1, if possible, to Comic Relief and wear any uniform they like. They might choose to dress as a doctor, nurse, footballer, vet, super hero, Brownie, Beaver, soldier or chef. Get your thinking heads on and let’s see how many different types of uniform we can spot. Children nominated for Celebration Assembly at 2.45pm will be entertaining us with ‘something funny’ so please come and join us as we round off the week in school.

Telephone Messages
Recently it has become apparent that at some points of the day the office is inundated with requests from parents with regard to home time arrangements. Please can we ask that you confirm these arrangements first thing in the morning and notify your child’s class teacher should there be a change to the regular person collecting your child. Should you, due to unforeseen circumstances, need to contact us with regard to any changes to collections please can you call before 2pm unless it is an emergency.

The Great Clapham Run took place on Friday 4th March. It was extremely exciting and the children managed to complete many laps. We will finalise calculations for the equivalent number of marathons completed and share this information with you as soon as possible. Home School Association are busy collecting the sponsorship money and we will advise you of how much was raised once all of the money has been collected. Thank you for all of your support and enormous thanks to the children for their energy and enthusiasm for the event.
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Need before or after school care?

Our before and after school club is available for children from 8 am until 6 pm.  Sessions start from £3.50. For more information visit our page or call 07547 670 230 for more details

Why we love Clapham Terrace

The school dinners are nice and everyone is really friendly - Thomas Year 5

Fundraising at Clapham Terrace

We have a strong support network of staff and parents who are dedicated to raising extra funds to buy the things that school budgets can't stretch to.  From redesigning the school library to making over the playground the HSA (PTA) are always on the look out for new fundraising ideas.

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