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The Governing Body at Clapham Terrace Community Primary School and Nursery comprises 12 members, including the head teacher. There are 4 parent governors elected by parents and carers of children at the school, 1 governor nominated by the Local Authority, 1 staff governor elected by members of staff and 5 ‘co-opted’ governors nominated by the Governing Body.  The term of office for all governors is 4 years.  No governors are paid for their governance role, but, rather, are volunteers with a wide range of experience and backgrounds, not necessarily in the world of education.

The Governing Body has a statutory responsibility to oversee and monitor the operation and effectiveness of the school, including the appointment of staff and the setting of the school’s budget.  The Governing Body has sole responsibility for the selection and appointment of the head teacher.  Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school fulfils all its statutory responsibilities, for example, those relating to child protection and safeguarding, health and safety, equality legislation and provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).  They are responsible for ensuring the proper and effective spending of public funds.

Working closely with the head teacher and the senior leadership team, the Governing Body sets the strategic direction of the school and ensures that there is a well-focused and effective School Improvement Plan.  We oversee and review numerous school policies, most of which are available on this website.  (See Policy section.)

Individual members of the Governing Body, as well as the group as a whole, are involved in monitoring school performance, particularly in relation to children’s learning and progress.  This involves supporting the school by agreeing improvement strategies, allocating budget resources and general involvement, wherever appropriate, in the life of the school.

The role of Governors also crucially involves holding the head teacher and other staff to account for the quality of the education which our school provides, and challenging school policy and practice when the outcomes for children are not as good as they should be.  Most years, governors make about twenty monitoring visits to the school, each of which results in Monitoring Form being completed and submitted to the Chair of Governors and the Head Teacher. The Governing Body carries out the annual appraisal of the headteacher’s performance, and oversees the appraisal of other staff.

Currently, our Governing Body has four full meetings each year.  There are also three committees: ‘Curriculum and Standards’, and ‘People, Resources and Premises’, which meet termly, and a ‘Pay Committee’. All meetings are minuted, and the resulting minutes are publicly available on our website.  In the minutes, evidence can be found of the Governing Body asking challenging questions and holding the school to account in areas such as:-

  • The achievement of different groups of pupils
  • The impact of budget allocations – eg:  The Pupil Premium Grant and the PE Grant
  • Changes in curriculum and assessment arrangements
  • Impact of spending on particular resources
  • Staff Organisation
  • Changes in policies
  • Safeguarding procedures

We also use various working groups or panels as required. Governors receive frequent and regular reports from the head teacher, as well as other members of staff, and make frequent visits to understand the daily running of the school and to help monitor its effectiveness.  The Chair of Governors sends parents and carers a brief termly Newsletter, summarising governor business for the term.

As a Governing Body, we are totally committed to Clapham Terrace School, and do all we can to ensure that the well-being of our children is the school’s over-riding purpose.  We feel privileged to be governors at this school and are proud of its many achievements. We never cease to be amazed at the wonderful learning which takes place there, and of the uniqueness, potential and achievements of each and every one of the children in our school.

Our Governing Body has a ‘Code of Conduct’, a ‘Governors’ Allowances Policy’ and a ‘Register of Business Interests’.

To download copies of the above documents, as well as to see our annual programme of governor business, please click on the links below:-

Code of Conduct

Governors Allowance Policy

Register of Business Interests

Instrument of Governance

Attendance Register

Governor Newsletter

The Governing body are:


Dan Johnston (since 2017) 

Vice Chair

Phil Robbins (Vice-Chair since 2017)

Local Authority Governor

Matt Western

Local Authority Governor since 2013.  A local resident, in the Clapham Terrace area and our Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington.  Matt has been County Councillor for the local ward since May 2013.  Career in industry working in advertising, marketing, finance and procurement.

Co-opted Governors

Pat Dorling

Co-opted Governor since 2014.  She is retired Primary School Headteacher who, earlier in her career was Deputy Head at Clapham Terrace, and lives in the local community.  Pat is an experienced school governor.  Pat is currently the Governor overseeing Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Annie McAteer

Co-opted Governor since November 2013. School Business Manager

John Edwards

Co-opted Governor since 2015.  He is a recently retired Planning Officer with Warwick District Council.  Resident in Leamington for over 35 years.

Phil Robbins

Phil became a Community Governor in 2011 and is now a Co-opted Governor.  He is a retired Primary School Headteacher and Local Authority School Inspector in Warwickshire, with a background in special educational needs.  He has governor experience in several local schools. Resident in Leamington for 37 years.  Phil is currently the governor overseeing special educational needs and inclusion.

Saskia Watkin

Saskia became a Co-opted Governor in 2016.  She has three children who have attended Clapham Terrace over the past 11 years.  Her working experience is as an environmental charity manager, specialising in developing the arts in the community, an independent arts consultant and teacher of African dance and music.

Parent Governors

Anna Bayman

Anna has been a Parent Governor since July 2015, with two children at Clapham Terrace (currently in Year 4 and Year 1). She is an academic historian, having taught in higher education for more than ten years.  Anna now runs a history journal and charitable foundation which supports students and scholars.

Dan Johnston

Dan has been a Parent Governor since 2013.  His eldest son left Clapham Terrace 3 years ago to go to secondary school and his youngest is in Year 6. Dan lives very close to school and can often be found in the playground at drop off and pick up times.  Leamington resident for 17 years.

Helena Paxton

Helena has been a Parent Governor since September 2013.  Her eldest son has moved on to secondary school, and her younger son is now in Year 5.  She has been a regular volunteer in Reception class and is now occasionally employed in the school as a teaching assistant.

Ian Stevens

Ian has been a Parent Governor since December 2014. He is father to 3 children and stepfather to two girls (one of whom is now in Year 6 and, like her older sister, attended Clapham Terrace since Reception).  Ian is an engineer with over 30 years experience in the aerospace industry, and is now employed locally at Jaguar Land Rover.  Ian is passionate about music and art, including being lead singer and guitarist in local Leamington based band. Health and Safety is currently under Ian’s remit.

Staff Governor

Lisa Clarke

Lisa has been our elected staff governor since 2013, and is currently our Reception class teacher and Early Years Foundation Stage leader.  She has taught at Clapham Terrace since 2004 in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Prior to this, she taught in Rugby and in British schools in Saudi Arabia.

Julie Miles, headteacher, is also a member of the Governing Body.

Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee

Pat Dorling

Chair of People, Premises and Resources Committee

Helena Paxton

Chair of Pay Committee

Phil Robbins


If you would like to contact any of the Governing body then please leave a message with the school office.


Dates of Full Governing Body Meetings in 2017-2018:-

  • 19th September 2017
  • 5th December 2017
  • 12th March 2018
  • 10th July 2018

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