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Speech and Language Unit

Clapham Terrace Primary School has specialist staff for children with speech and language disorders.  We are one of seven mainstream schools that have an agreement with the LEA to provide a maximum of 15 places within the school for pupils with Specific Language Disorders.  Pupils offered a place will have severe speech difficulties and/or language skills which are less developed than most of their other skills.  This is what makes the language disorder specific.

The school has an area, known as a Designated Speech and Language Provision, very like a small classroom where pupils can work.

How does it work?

Pupils belong to the mainstream class and are fully involved in all school activities.

  • Staffing includes specialist teachers, specialist teaching assistants and Speech and Language Therapists who work closely with mainstream staff to address pupils' individual needs.
  • Specialist staff and Speech and Language Therapist regularly liaise to create specific learning experiences taliored to individual children's needs.
  • Support is offered within the whole class and within the Designated Speech and Language provision in a small group or individually.  The nature of specialist support depends on the children's individual weaknesses.
  • Specialist resources are available to support the children's access to the whole school curriculum.
  • Each pupil will have a programme tailored to his/her specific needs, known as an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  Termly meetings are held when parents, children and staff review progress and agree new targets.
  • Additional support is offered using a Home/School Link book and regular parents' afternoons.
  • The LA will usually provide free transport from your home to and from the school.


What happens next?

  • The length of time which pupils spend at the provision will vary, but usually a pupil will stay as long as the specialist help seems appropriate or until the age limit of the school is reached.  At this point parents can request a place at the school of their choice.
  • When pupils transfer from the Designated Provision to a difference school, staff arrange a liaison meetings with the receiving school staff and ensure that all relevant information is made available to them.  Children also participate in a specialist transition programme.


We are fully committed to the inclusion of all children in every aspect of school life.

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