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Design Technology

Subject Leader: Lisa Clarke, supported by Emma Fairhurst

At Clapham Terrace we are passionate about giving children opportunities for creativity through practical tasks.  Design Technology teaching is split into three types of activity:

  • The children start each unit of work by investigating and evaluating a range of existing products and find out about Design Technology in the wider world. We link this to our topics wherever possible, for example: Egyptian Shadufs and Anglo Saxon round houses, and to our local area (automotive industry).
  • Next, the children complete a series of focussed tasks where they are taught specific technical knowledge, design skills and making skills.
  • Then, they design, make and evaluate their own product.  This is where children create functional products with uses and purposes in mind.

We deepen the children’s understanding of design, by contextualising their projects. Giving them an overview of what they will be designing, making and evaluating before they undertake any activities. Through investigation and focussed tasks, children are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to engage successfully and with increasing independence in the designing, making and evaluating phases.

Progression in Design Technology

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