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Food and drink

School dinners

Dinners can be ordered at a cost of £2.25 per day.  We ask parents to pay in advance for dinners.  Weekly cost is £11.25 or payments can be made for the half-term or term by cash, cheque or online using SIMS Pay.  There is a jacket potato option available every day and a small salad bar.

Menus and more

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Lunch Time Arrangements

If your child is vegetarian or has special dietary requirements they must be registered as such with school, to enable them to have the vegetarian or a special meal. A copy of the menu is available from the school office.

Packed Lunch

Alternatively children can bring a packed lunch in a named lunch box. Children are asked to take home their leftover food so that you are aware of what they have eaten (not including opened yogurt pots or unfinished drink cartons – so you will need to ask them if they finished these items). Please provide a plastic or metal spoon if your child requires one to eat part of their lunch – school is unable to provide cutlery for pupils having packed lunches.

Nut free

There are children in our school who have severe nut allergies (including peanuts) and could react to any contact with nut products simply by touching the hand of a child who has eaten nuts.  For this reason we ask that children do not bring any nut items into school.

School Milk

You can register to receive free school milk for your child if they are under 5 and you can pay for older children to receive milk in school on the Cool Milk website.

Tuck Shop

Children can purchase snacks from our Snack Shack Tuck Shop that is open on a Wednesday during first playtime.  Items cost 50p and include veggie sticks, poporn and dried fruit.

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