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Early Years Newsletter 1 04.09.20

Knowledge Organisers

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Knowledge organiser Autumn

Mrs Miles Achievement Assembly 10th July 2020

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Achievement Assembly

13.07.20 Learning from Home

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Spread Your Wings and Fly Reception

6.07.20 Learning from Home

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Lesson Links and Worksheets

Week Beginning 6th July

The Cautious Caterpillar

Phonics and Reading

Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop


Extra Challenge

This week we would like you to have a think about what type of career you would like to have in the future; what would you like to do with your time? There are many different jobs in the world, think about your favourite kind of learning we do in school or at home, and how it could lead to a career for you.  Have a chat with your family and find out what sorts of jobs your parents, grandparents, and even extended family have.  If you enjoy investigating at school you might want to become an engineer or a scientist. If you like singing and dancing you might want to become a musician, or an actor/actress, and if you enjoy drawing and painting you might want to become an artist!  Try to create a collage of ideas, and post a picture of this on our Twitter page if you can!

Virtual Sports Week Video and Results

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End of Autumn Term 2019

Early Years enjoyed an incredibly busy month of December. We visited two local churches, we performed two Nativity performances to our Parents and Carers, we held a Christmas party, enjoyed our first Christmas school lunch, and we even visited Umberslade Farm for a Christmas treat! In between these experiences and opportunities we continued with our learning topic Polar Regions, and used our fine motor skills to construct igloos using junk modelling materials.


Polar Regions

Early Years have started their new topic learning. They are using their growing knowledge of polar regions to sort animals into hot and cold habitats, persisting with their independent learning.

EYFS visit a Hindu Temple

Early Years and lots of our parents and carers visited the Hindu Temple on Crown Terrace as part of our Diwali celebrations this week! We already knew a lot about this Festival of Lights and now have learned even more.

Senses Day

Early Years are enjoying a senses day! Lots of our parents and carers joined us for our first tasting, smelling and listening games. We have learned how to play ‘Kim’s’ memory game and extended this using our new writing skills! What a creative and collaborative learning day!

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