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Intent, Implementation and Impact of our curriculum

Curriculum Intent

We strongly feel that at Clapham Terrace our children receive a rich and ambitious curriculum where pupils are given meaningful, real-life experiences.  We provide a balance of knowledge and skills which are taught through exciting topics with clear, year-on-year progression.

Our curriculum is based around Clapham Carl (Caring, Achieving, Respectful Learners).

  • Caring – our curriculum celebrates the rich diversity, wide range of backgrounds and prior experience which our pupils come from.  As a community school, we draw on the expertise of our local community.
  • Achieving – we have high expectations of all learners to achieve their potential – academically, creatively and physically.  In addition, pupils’ emotional and social development is at the centre of all that we do.
  • Respectful – we aim to develop the characteristics of effective learners including: perseverance, collaboration, creativity, resilience and active learning.  We instill these skills right from our Early Years up to Year 6.  
  • Learners – our passionate teachers and stimulating learning environment enable all children to become life-long learners.

Curriculum Implementation

Our broad and balanced curriculum is regularly reviewed and enables children to develop knowledge and skills in all areas of their learning.  Literacy and Maths lessons take place on a daily basis.  In Maths, we use White Rose mastery schemes of work and Maths of the Day.  In Literacy, teachers use high quality texts as a stimulus for developing reading, writing and SPAG skills.  We are part of the Ogden Trust and have worked collaboratively with local Science co-ordinators to develop an engaging science curriculum where every lesson combines scientific knowledge with working scientifically skills.

Most of our wider curriculum is taught over a two year cycle, this allows collaboration between year groups – a detailed over-view of this can be found under the Long Term plans section of our website.  Foundation subject learning is based around a half termly topic of a geography or history focus.  Each topic starts with a launch day and at the end of each half term children share their learning.  In order to develop the children’s knowledge and skills, we start every lesson with a big question and a skill.  Knowledge organisers ensure that humanities knowledge and vocabulary is taught with clear progression across the school whilst building on prior knowledge.

Each subject leader develops a yearly action plan which contributes towards the design of our wider curriculum, along with feedback from pupil and parent questionnaires.

All of our pupils receive a rich, diverse curriculum taught from passionate teachers and some specialist provision including visiting artists, musicians and sports coaches.  We make the most of every part of our building and grounds and have specialist areas including Carl’s Kitchen and The Mess where children can develop their learning in the wider curriculum.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of our curriculum is that by the time pupils leave Clapham Terrace they have achieved their potential – academically, creatively and physically and are Caring, Achieving, Respectful, Learners.

We measure impact in a range of ways and always take into account pupils varying start points.  Teachers track pupil progress throughout the year, academically, against age related expectations.  Regular moderation ensures quality assurance of teacher judgements.  At Clapham Terrace, pupils’ emotional and social development is as much a priority to us as their academic progress; we use Thrive to assess and track pupil’s individual emotional needs.

In addition to quantitative data, we measure the impact of our curriculum through pupil and parent questionnaires.  Our last parent questionnaire confirmed that 98% of parents felt that our curriculum was broad and balanced.

Curriculum Overview

Overview of our curriculum

Pupils enjoy a very rich curriculum. Leaders and governors have used funding wisely to enhance the school environment and provide high-quality spaces for pupils to learn in.  The ‘Mess’ and school kitchen are two strong examples of successful projects.  All pupils learn to cook, play a musical instrument and learn from specialist teachers (particularly in art and music). – Ofsted 2018

Long Term Plans

Early Years

Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

‘Pupils love coming to school and speak highly of their experiences.’ – Ofsted 2018

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