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Foreign Languages

Subject Leader: Sarah Batchelor

Link Governor: Pat Dorling

French is our core modern foreign language. Children are encouraged to become familiar with simple words and phrases in KS1 and Early Years and enjoy using their skills in their daily routine for example answering the register, counting and singing ‘happy birthday’.

In KS2 they begin to learn French in a more structured way, but with an emphasis on active learning and enjoyment. They learn a range of vocabulary and simple phrases, beginning with listening and speaking and progressing to reading and writing. There is a strong emphasis on intercultural understanding which extends to other languages and cultures too.

We have annual French and/or international days and events where language and cultures are explored and celebrated. Children learn about the some of the cultural features and traditions of France and countries where French is spoken.

There is a vibrant French speaking community within the local area and French speaking parents and carers join the school for special events.

We also have Spanish club run by an external provider.

French Progression Grid

MFL Statement of Intent

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