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Subject Leader: Neerun Hothi

Link Governor: Pat Dorling

In history, the children begin to develop an awareness of the past and how it differs from the present. They learn about changes in their own lives and those of their family, as well as about people living long ago.

In order to support their learning the children are given knowledge organisers as the start of each new topic to take home. These fact sheets contain information they will be exploring in depth throughout the half term and historical specific vocabulary they will be exposed to and are expected to use.

As a Victorian building, Clapham Terrace Primary School itself is a fantastic historical resource. We have strong links with a number of past pupils who share their memories of school life with the children, the reunion group are often involved with in school competitions and maintain strong relationships with the school community.

As part of their history work the children go on many visits places of interest such as the Black Country Museum, Tudor World and the Royal Pump Rooms.

As children progress through the school they enjoy taking part in our launch days and celebration ends. These events involve things such as theme days, an example of this is Year 5 and 6’s ‘Victorian Day’. The children are able to come to school in costume and activities are planned to make history really seem to ‘come alive’ for the children.

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