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Attendance and absence

By law all children between 5 years and 16 years must get a suitable, full time education.  As a parent, you are responsible for making this happen.  Once your child is registered at a school, you are responsible for making sure he or she attends regularly.  If your child does not attend regularly, the Local Authority (LA) may take action against you.

There may be times when your child has to miss school because he or she is ill.  On these occasions, please call the school on the first day of abence between 8.30 am & 9.30 am on 01926 423404.  Please provide your child's name, year group and reason for absence when you call.   This applies to all children registered at the school.  You can download our full Attendance Policy here.

Medical appointments

Please try to make doctor and dentist appointments after school hours or in school holidays wherever possible.  We appreciate that this may not always be possible.

Holidays in term time

Our school considers pupils’ continuous attendance at school to be so essential for their academic achievement that it is not our policy to routinely authorise an allocation of term time holiday days to families.  Only where exceptional circumstances have resulted in a family being unable to take an annual holiday during the school holidays, will such requests be considered.  Such exceptional requests for longer periods of absence should be made at least two weeks in advance.  Each case will be considered individually by the headteacher, in consultation with the Chair of the Governing Body.


Exceptional circumstances

If you need to take your child out of school under exceptional circumstances such as bereavement or for religious reasons, please contact the school immediately.

  • If your child is absent and we have not heard from you by 9.30 am we may call you to establish the reason for the absence
  • When your child returns to school, if we have not yet established a reason for the absence, we will send a letter home with your child
  • If we have been unable to establish a reason for the absence within 10 days, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised

Percentage attendance

  • If your child's attendance falls below 95%, we will write to notify you of our concern.
  • If your child's attendance falls below 90%, we will invite you to meet with the Head teacher and other relevant staff to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.
  • If your child's attendance falls below 85%, we will refer the matter to the Educational Social Work Service who will work with your family to help resolve an issues regardng attendance that your child may have.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding attendance, please contact Alison O'Dwyer (Attendance Admin) on 01926 423404 or call into the office any morning.

Need before or after school care?

Our before and after school club is available for children from 8 am until 6 pm.  Sessions start from £3.50. For more information visit our page or call 07547 670 230 for more details

Why we love Clapham Terrace

Clapham is really fun.  I am not looking forward to leaving at the end of year 6! - Rosie in Year 6

Fundraising at Clapham Terrace

We have a strong support network of staff and parents who are dedicated to raising extra funds to buy the things that school budgets can't stretch to.  From redesigning the school library to making over the playground the HSA (PTA) are always on the look out for new fundraising ideas.

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