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Clapham Terrace (SATS) KS2 2017

At the end of KS2 children in Year 6 sit tests commonly known as SATs. From these we can measure and analyse attainment and progress within our school. We are proud of the hard work of everyone involved with the school, as academic achievement along with the development of the whole child is central to our ethos.

Data for our school can be found on the following links;

This table ranks schools in Warwickshire in relation to national expectations or above in reading, writing, spelling and grammar and mathematics;


While this link is our own data page on the DFE website for performance tables;


Primary School Accountability Information

You can access information about Primary School Accountability using the link below:-


Why not visit the BBC News education website for a link on any latest news on education and performance data.

At our school we have a designated Speech and Language base (a Local Authority provision) for children with specific speech and language disorder.  The criteria for placement at the base include long term SEN, resulting in low attainment.  These pupils comprise up to 15% of our year groups and are included in our overall data.  The school therefore produces additional attainment data, with the attainment outcomes for these pupils removed.

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