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Lunchtime and after school activities

The following clubs are available:


Lunchtime – Spanish – Key Stage 2 12.10-12.40pm / Reception & Key Stage 1 12.40-13.10pm. Run by an outside provider (charge for this club)

After school – Clapham Terrace Children’s News (CTCN) for Years 5 & 6


Lunchtime – Board Game Club for all year groups

After school – Football Club for KS2, Grow it, Cook it, Eat it for all year groups

Cooking Extra Curricular


Lunchtime – Mathletics, Cross Country for Years 5 & 6

After school – Go Go Makers – run by an outside provider (charge for this club), Bayleaf Cookery Club – run by an outside provider


Lunchtime – Fit 2 Dance – run by an outside provider (charge for this club), Recorder Club, Standing Ovation Choir for KS2

After school – Netball Club for children in Years 5 & 6 and Book Club for KS1 and 2, Art Club


Lunchtme – Board Games Club-run by outside provider-KS2

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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