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Monday 15th January 2018

We are going on a water walk around Leamington to discover all the water sources.

The Witches at Campion




Thursday 12th January 2017

Year 3 and 4 visited Sulgrave Manor in Oxfordshire.  Sulgrave Manor is a Tudor and Georgian house built by direct ancestors of George Washington.  During their visit, the children enjoyed dressing in Tudor Costumes and going into the Tudor bedrooms to find out that babies used to be hung off the wall to stop them being eaten by RATS!


The topic for the Spring Term is the Tudors

Year 3 and 4 will be visiting Sulgrave Manor to support their learning.

The topic in the Autumn Term was the Stone Age and Iron Age.  Year 4 have done some Stone Age Paintings and made some jewellery.

Emilia wrote about the Stone Age Visitor

We had a special visitor in Year 4 and 3.  He had lots to show us.  First he showed us all the animals and where they lived.

There were lots of different animals such as hyenas, ponies, mammoths, sabre tooth cats…  After we had a break we played a yes / no game, it was really fun.  Next we played how to catch a mammoth.  Their water bottles were made out of mammoths bladder!  After lunch the man showed us a musical instrument there was a leaf shaped plate with string attached to the end.  It made a sound like an engine turning on and off.


Equipment Needed:-

PE is on a Tuesday afternoon:  PE Kit should be left in school and can be taken home to be washed at the end of each Half Term.

Year 4 are swimming on a Tuesday morning until the 08th November 2016.

Children should bring in a water bottle which they have access to in the classroom.

Children have been given a new reading folder and diary; this should be in school on a daily basis as volunteers may hear children read at any time.

Homework Days

Children must read at least three times a week and you are expected to record in the reading record that you have heard them read, this is checked in school every Friday.

A Home Learning task is set every other Monday and children will be given 10 days to complete it.  The task is on a printed sheet which is stuck in the children’s home learning books.  Books must be returned to school on the given date for marking.

The children have a times table test on a Monday, please help your child learn the times table which they are working on for the next test.

Children have a spelling test every Friday, they will be given spellings in a yellow book which must come back to school the following Friday to allow them to be given their new spellings.  Test will take place in a red book which remains in school.


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