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Welcome to Year Two

Class Teachers:  Ms E Place - Monday/Tuesday and Mrs S Batchelor Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

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Roald Dahl

Year 2 have been learning about Roald Dahl and the Artic ocean.  They have been reading the enormous crocodile and the Twits.  They have been artic explorers! 

They are going to write their own stories based on Roald Dahl.  A character from one of his stories is going to visit them !


Our topic this term is Jamaica and Mary Seacole

On Tuesday 17th January 2017.  They will be learning about Jamaica and Mary Seacole.  They already know a bit about Mary, she was a Jamaican Nurse and lived from 1805-1881.  Her salary was low.  The soldiers called her ‘Mother Seacole’.  She was a traveller and went to Jamaica, Panama, England and Crimea.

Year 2 have been busy learning about Dragons.  They have been hatching a dragon egg !

Daisy in Year 2 wrote instructions on how to make a Sleeping Potion.

Having trouble catching a roaring or sly dragon?

Well worry no more - this potion will get the dragon right to sleep.  With its wonderful smell, but it only smells to a dragon.  What a delightful potion!!

What you need:-

A bottle made out of glass plus it shall need a cork so the potion doesn't get mouldy.  A jar full of colourful calms, helpless honey, helpful lullabies, delightful dreams, careless snores, effortless strength and finally endless friendship.

What you need to do:

Get a spoonful of helpless honey and pour it into the bottle.  Then tip the bottle up.  Next tip the colourful calms into the bottle.

Scatter the playful pearls in the bottle.  Put all of the rest of the ingredients into the bottle in any order you like!   Finally put the cork in it's place and run to the dragon's cave.  Leave the potion outside the dragon's cave and after 1 or 2 weeks go back to the cave pick up the bottle and go home.  Clean the bottle put it back where you found it and you will find the dragon fast asleep.  You will never have to hear an annoying dragon roar again!



A PE kit (named pumps or trainers, white T-shirt, navy blue or black shorts, jogging bottoms and sweatshirt (during winter months) in named bag) must be in school every day and kept on children’s pegs. It is recommended that they are taken home for washing every half term.

A named water bottle containing water only.







Letters Home Year 2

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Need before or after school care?

Our before and after school club is available for children from 8 am until 6 pm.  Sessions start from £3.50. For more information visit our page or call 07547 670 230 for more details

Why we love Clapham Terrace

I feel that this school is fun and exciting.  There are lots of people to play with.  The teachers are very good at teaching. - Lajla - Year 5

Fundraising at Clapham Terrace

We have a strong support network of staff and parents who are dedicated to raising extra funds to buy the things that school budgets can't stretch to.  From redesigning the school library to making over the playground the HSA (PTA) are always on the look out for new fundraising ideas.

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